KB Controller Systems

KB series lubrication system controllers


The KB Series control board is designed and programmed for the control and operation of different types of lubrication systems:

The system is with a large LCD display which is showing information about current system status. It is simple to setup and easy to navigate menu with only few parameters to set - Running time and Stand by time.

Operation mode

  • Time - Operate for a set amount of time (adjustable) and then stand by for a set amount of time (adjustable) with or without monitoring
  • Cycle - Operate for a set amount of system cycles (adjustable) and then stand by for a set amount of time (adjustable)
  • Continuous - Operate continuously (with or without monitoring)

Level control

  • Auto and manual operation of the auto-refilling subsystem. (level switch required for auto operation)
  • Stops the system when the reservoir empties preventing damage to the pump

Pressure Monitor

  • Remotely monitor the pressure anywhere in the system (pressure transmitter required)
  • Protect sensitive system components from overpressure
  • Dual line system reversing (elec. Reversing valve required)

Alarm info

  • Stops the system when a problem occurs preventing damage
  • Providing information about the problem
  • System operation resumes only after the alarm has been reset

The system is with an integrated access control, through a password. There are three different password levels preventing tampering by unauthorized personnel. There is also a manual operation option. This option facilitates the clients when manual operation for testing, setup and commissioning purposes is required.

Our KB controller series can be used for control of multiple lubrication systems. This means that more than one lubrication systems can be operated, monitored and diagnosed independently (different operating mode and parameters) by the same controller, which is a cost-effective solution where several lubrication systems are in a close perimeter.

BIJUR DELIMON's central lubrication systems guarantee the proper greasing or oiling of every components of your machines. This prevents insufficient or excess lubrication of the elements which saves time, money and labor to you and your company. Our systems maintain the uninterrupted workings of high-speed and high-ratio machines, and thus prolonging their work life and improving their performance. All these factors are reducing working costs and you will avoiding accidents or injuries. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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