RailJet - Railway Lubrication Systems



When underground trains, trams and railway trains run from one station to the next with a low noise level, this is often due to RailJet, the mobile wheel flange lubrication system of BIJUR DELIMON. It reduces to a minimum friction and wear at both wheel flange and rail.

Control system

The BIJUR DELIMON wheel flange lubrication system Railjet is provided with an electronic control system, make Siemens, as standard. The drive of the metering pump is possible in three ways:

  1. In case of the path-dependent drive, the spraying pulse is initiated via an existing path signal from the vehicle control system or via an additional transmitter. The path intervals between the spraying pulses are programmable and thus freely selectable.
  2. The time-dependent drive triggers the spraying pulse after expiration of a programmable pause time.
  3. In case of the arc-dependent drive of the metering pump, an inclination angle transmitter triggers the spraying pulse. Here, only the starting wheel flange area is lubricated.

The metering pump can of course also be controlled directly from the vehicle. In this case, the BJURDELIMON control system is not installed.


The lubricant stored in the depressurized tank is sucked in by the metering pump. Through a 2/2 way solenoid valve for the compressed air, the pneumatic metering pump is started automatically. A defined quantity of lubricant is delivered into the compressed air, then carried via the flow divider to the spray nozzles and from there applied onto the wheel flanges. All spray processes are triggered by a freely programmable control system.


  • 5 to 15% saving in driving energy
  • Reduction of wear by up to 80%
  • Cost reduction due to greater reprofiling intervals
  • Preservation of environment by noise attenuation

BIJUR DELIMON's central lubrication systems guarantee the proper greasing or oiling of every components of your machines. This prevents insufficient or excess lubrication of the elements which saves time, money and labor to you and your company. Our systems maintain the uninterrupted workings of high-speed and high-ratio machines, and thus prolonging their work life and improving their performance. All these factors are reducing working costs and you will avoiding accidents or injuries. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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