The Pulsarlube EX electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is UL, ATEX certified. It is primarily designed to meet the following requirements: UL79, Power-Operated pumps for Petroleum dispensing products, 8th Edition ANSI/ISA-12.12.01-2000, Nonincendive electrical equipment for use in Class I , Division 2 , Groups C and D Hazardous locations. The circuits and parts of the Pulsarlube EX are designed based on the energy limitation concept by adopting a non-sparking, explosion-proof structure that keeps an electrical device from sparking an explosive gas whether it is working under normal or certain abnormal condition.


Technical characteristics

Model: PULSARLUBE EX - electromechanical refillable lubricator

Volume and sizes
60ml - Ф=91 х 183mm
125ml - Ф=91 х 183mm
250ml - Ф=92 х 210mm

Available dispensing periods EX60/EX125: 1-12 months
Available dispensing periods EX250: HALF(H),1,2,3,6 & 12 months

Maximum lubrication points: 1

Remote installation: Up to 3m

Operating pressure: 15kgf/см2 (850 psi)

Working temperature: -15˚С to 60˚С 




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