The Pulsarlube OL500 oil lubricator consists of the main body with a vertical self-priming pump controlled by the microprocessor, a 500ml oil reservoir, and a battery pack. This product has the ability to precisely deliver very small amounts of lubricant with selectable intermittent dispensing cycle. The volume of output is adjustable from 0.70ml to 33.4ml/day, equivalent to the service period of Half month to 24months for the 500ml oil reservoir. It is available with up to 4 feeds by using optional installation kits. NOTE The Pulsarlube OL500 is a reusable unit but the battery pack must be replaced when each dispensing period set is complete.

Technical characteristics

Model: PULSARLUBE OL500 - electromechanical refillable oil lubricator

Volume and sizes
500ml - Ф=94 х 235mm

Available dispensing periods: HALF(H),1,2,4,6,12,18 & 24 months

Maximum lubrication points: 4

Remote installation: Up to 12m per point

Operating pressure: 10kgf/см2 (142 psi)

Working temperature: -15˚С to 60˚С 
Working temperature: -40˚С to 60˚С (With Lithium battery pack)



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