The Pulsarlube M500, newly developed automatic grease lubricator, is primarily designed to ensure reliable lubrication of larger bearings (i.e. >102mm (4") O.D) commonly found in industries such as mining, cement, and steel. As a common 125 or 250cc SPL unit does not have sufficient volume of lubricants required for larger bearings, the Pulsarlube M500 can meet the volume requirement specified by a bearing or equipment manufacturer. The lubricant is supplied in 500cc per each replaceable grease pack along with a Pulsarlube battery pack. M500 offers a large 500ml volume capacity, as well as 8 different dispensing periods up to 24 months.


Technical characteristics

Model: PULSARLUBE M500 - electromechanical refillable lubricator

Volume and sizes
500ml - Ф=92 х 262mm

Available dispensing periods М500: HALF(H),1,2,4,6,12,18 & 24 months

Maximum lubrication points: 8

Remote installation: Up to 6m

Operating pressure: 60kgf/см2 (850 psi)

Working temperature: -15˚С to 60˚С 
Working temperature: -40˚С to 60˚С (With Lithium battery pack)




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