PULSARLUBE Lubricators

The Automatic Lubricators from PULSARLUBE are a reliable and budget solution for lubrication of your equipment. Our lubricators are a good solution for remote lubrication of distant or hard-to-reach points. Depending on the conditions, our lubricators can grease or oil up to 12 points. We offer different options for power feed of our lubricators - through gas, batter or AC/DC. Our systems can be connected to a PLC controller.

Our products can maintain the continuous work of high-sheer and high-speed machines. While doing so, they prolong their work life and improve their performance. Depending on lubrication consumption of your machines, the lubricators can be programmed to grease or oil the points in different work span - from half to 24 months. This reduces operation costs and can prevent accidents or injuries.

Inter Engineering-10 is a trusted CONCIBUS representative for Bulgaria. For more information, please contact our Trade department.

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