SKYJET - Lubrication with oil and compressed air for steel and aluminum rolling mills



Lubrication with oil and compressed air is today widely adopted and accepted within hi-tech plant and mechanical engineering applications. In steel and aluminium mills for example, this method of lubrication is being used on  continuous  casting plants, cold and hot strip mills and various types of rolling mills. A significantly automated lubrication system or procedure ensures operational safety, long service life and low maintenance requirements along with minimal lubricant consumption.

Meeting all of these requirements, the SKYJET system offers a tailor-made solution for each application with the following advantages:

  • Minimal consumption of lubricant through precise, calculated dosing.
  • Precise, calculated quantities of lubricant from the SKYJET lance outlets depending on the requirements of the bearing.
  • Up to a maximum of 5 outlets per SKYJET lance with a 25 mm diameter. For lances with 15 mm diameter, up to 4 outlets.
  • Compact type dividers, main and sub divider, are available up to a maximum of 6 outlets.
  • Air as transporting and bearing sealing medium, hence extended bearing life and reduced maintenance and service costs.
  • The air-oil mixture (macro oil particles) has excellent adhesion properties - even at the bearing surfaces.
  • Improved heat removal.
  • Less bearing friction in comparison to sump and grease lubrication.
  • Environmentally friendly lubrication.

Special features

The air-oil lubrication is a progressive lubrication system with an additional air metering block which is firmly screwed to a progressive distributor. Lubricant having been introduced into the system is delivered with continuously flowing compressed air. The lubricant deposits on the inner pipe wall and is carried on in flow direction by the compressed air. Due to the extension of the lubricant on its carrying way in the pipeline, the pulsed feeding turns into a nearly continuous lubricant dispensation to the lubrication point. Suitable for all system sizes with a great variability of the metered quantities.

BIJUR DELIMON's central lubrication systems guarantee the proper greasing or oiling of every element of your machines. This prevents insufficient or excess lubrication of the elements which saves time, money and labor to you and your company. Our systems maintain the uninterrupted workings of high-speed and high-ratio machines, and thus prolonging their work life and improving their performance. All these factors are reducing working costs and is avoiding accidents or injuries. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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