Industrial Installations

Inter Engineering 10 performs industrial installations of machines, equipment and metal constructions. With the years, our top engineers and technical group leaders established good partnerships and communication manners with the technical staff of our clients, who confide some of their biggest project for installation of machines and metal constructions to us. It is a widely recognized practice from most lucrative and fast-growing industrial plants to use outsourcing services of local companies, for their newly acquired machines, due to better cost-effective and logistical advantages.

With the introduction of our experienced project management engineers onto your site we become responsible for the execution and the projects management of the installation, the planning, field engineering, documentation of quality control and safety. All of our installation works are subjected to constant managing and monitoring in order to achieve end goals of the customers such as:

  • Installing of industrial machinery and production lines
  • Establishment of steel constructions
  • Assembling and installation of industrial pipes and piping systems
  • Establishment and rising of tanks and industrial chimneys
  • Installation of transportation facilities and stone crushers.
  • Providing qualified and certified engineers, welders, metalworkers, installers and laborers

Our project managers, engineers and workers posses the required skills and know-how which cover all the aspects of installation works of a corporation. To us it is not a matter of whether we are discussing maintenance of a single link in the corporation or if it is the full corporation. We are equally dedicated into our work regardless of project size. At the end you will get the same professionalism. We guarrantee the end results - reliable quality in time and safety!

We have working groups in almost every corporation in the region. The number of our employees in every one of our teams is constantly growing as a consequance of our professionalism and good work quality.

Inter Engineering 10 is a flexible organization. Wa handle working with more than one partner at the same time. Our payment terms are negotiable. We are equally efficient with both hourly and fixed end project price. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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