Dual-Line System

Dual Line Systems for Oil / Grease  

Дву-линейна система за централно мазане, централно автоматично гресиране и смазване на индустриални машини и съоръжения.


  • Maximum lubrication points: 200
  • Maximum line length: 150 m
  • Maximum pump pressure: 400 bar. 

Application fields:

  • Steel Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Power Plants


Principle of operation: 
Pump delivery and relief lines are both connected to the change-over valve. This valve system allows the two main lines to pressurise and relieve alternately. All dual line dividers are piped into both main lines. The pressure change is detected by means of a differential pressure switch at the end of the main lines. The supply of lubricant to the lubrication points is ensured when both main lines have been pressurised and relieved in the correct sequence. Dual Line System provide reliable lubrication for large and extended installations, on heavy duty plant and equipment in adverse conditions. These systems can be further combined or extended with progressive dividers.







BIJUR DELIMON's central lubrication systems guarantee the proper greasing or oiling of every components of your machines. This prevents insufficient or excess lubrication of the elements which saves time, money and labor to you and your company. Our systems maintain the uninterrupted workings of high-speed and high-ratio machines, and thus prolonging their work life and improving their performance. All these factors are reducing working costs and you will avoiding accidents or injuries. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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