BD Series Iris Valve

The Series BD Iris Valve is a light duty valve specifically designed for infrequent operation, which can be used for both in-line and open discharge operations.

They are suitable for handling materials with bulk densities up to 560 Kg / m³.

In addition, the BD offers a simplified construction when compared to other in-line valves in the MUCON range. This simplified construction consequently offers the customer reduced cost, size and weight.


  • For valve sizes between 50mm and 200mm, the Iris Valve body parts are manufactured from aluminium with a Gunmetal Control Ring
  • For valve sizes 250mm to 300mm, the valve is manufactured from aluminium and incorporates a zinc aluminium Control Ring
  • 50mm and 80mm valves are fitted with thumbscrew locking, all other sizes have nylon triggers and 316 stainless steel fasteners


  • For protecting fish in transit and during discharge with use of Polyurethane Coated Nylon Liner
  • As a double flanged outlet valve for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
  • Outlet valve for Dust Collection hoppers
  • For controlling (not shut off) airflow in ventilation ducting


  • Thumbscrew locking on all trigger operated Iris Valves - 100mm diameter and above
  • All valve bodies can be either produced Half Notched or Fully Notched
  • Flurene 177 or other coatings can be offered for valves being used in corrosive environments
  • The BD valve can be certified for ATEX Zone 21D and 22D provided an anti-static diaphragm is used


  • Low cost
  • Low weight
  • No leakage to atmosphere
  • Ideal for lighter duty materials
  • Slim Design
  • Can be used with a wide range of diaphragms


  • The Mucon BD Iris Valve offers a double diaphragm for in-line applications, thus preventing material leakage to atmosphere
  • The Series BD Iris Valve is suitable for lighter duty materials (550-600 Kg / m³)
  • The Series BD Iris Valve is available as standard with thumbscrew locking for 50mm & 80mm bore dimensions, giving infinite flow control
  • Trigger locking mechanism is offered on other sizes
  • End users can chose from a large range of diaphragms to suit their particular application
  • Bore sizes are available from 50mm to 300mm









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