Stainless Steel Transportation Systems

We provide both standard modular conveyors suitable for a wide range of operations, and custom made products which suit the specific requirements of our client. The conveyors can be manufactured from different types of materials according to the client`s unique and specific application needs – stainless steel for the food industry, galvanized steel or high strength steels for the mining industry.  

We aim to provide innovative, modern and cost effective solutions whilst maintaining high quality and safety standards. Most of our products are designed and manufactured using high quality components such as ABEC-1 bearings and galvanized steel pipes for belt conveyors’ rollers. It doesn’t matter whether it is a roller, belt, ribbed, chained or modulate conveyor belt. Our ability to design and produce transportation systems for our clients needs is one of our qualities that emphasizes us as a partner. Many of our clients have unique and specific processes, which require careful selection of materials from which the conveyor has to be manufactured of like stainless steel, aluminium,  plastic, polyurethane, etc.

Product range:

  • Elevators
  • Conveyor belts
  • Conveyor belts for bags
  • Screw conveyors
  • Sweeping screw conveyors
  • Mobile loaders
  • A system for glutinous and viscous products – vibrating transportation















Standard or semi-standard conveyor belts for usage of pallets and/or packaging of goods is one of our strong sides. Nevertheless industries often have their own unique needs and requirements. In some cases, these requirements are based on transportation of raw materials. Product specification is key when designing a transportation system – particle size, weight, area, etc. The transportation of bags is very different from transportation of cartons, for instance. In other cases, the distinguished characteristic is the type of production of the goods.Our 3D models assist us in developing precise conveyor facilities. We offer standard conveyor belts which are appropriate for a wide dimension of specifications, as well as would be happy to design conveyors especially for your unique production requirements.

Conveyor belts are essential in production or packaging. They should enable the product to be well positioned for manipulation and/or place it in a predictable position in order to be handled by other automated devices. In third cases, the environment surroundings dictates the construction of the facility. Factors like temperature resistance, hygiene, cleaning time as well as safety should be considered in designing and manufacturing of the transportation system.  

For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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