Air Receiver


As vacuum receivers are a major part of industrial vacuum-driven systems, so are the air receivers an important for the machines in air-based production lines.  The workings of the receiver make systems more effective. Receivers are used as an air supply tank(battery), while it size is dependable on the needs of the system. Basically they are vessels under pressure, which means they should be precisely designed to be robust and reliable. All ur receivers are designed so that they can be long-lasting while used on a daily basis. All our receivers pass through technical supervision from the National Agency of Metrology and Technical Supervision and are licensed according to the Ordinance for design, safety of exploitation and technical supervision of the facilities under pressure - Government Decree #164 from 7.07.2008., ren., SG, no. 64 from 18.07.2008., enforced on 19.08.2008, amendment, No. 5 from 19.01.2010.

Air receiver designed for the pharmaceutical industry - manufactured according to the requirements of сGMP Pharma

Technical specifications

The receivers manufactured by us can be from stainless steel(SST) grade AISI304 and AISI316L, and also from regular steel - depending on the needs of our clients. We make our receivers in consideration of the required volume. We can present all the required ceritifactes for compliance of design and the materials used in construction. 

We from Inter Engineering 10 have a lot of experience in the production of receivers for the pharmaceutical and food&drink industries. Usually they are used for pressure air as part of product-pumping lines with high sanitary demanding. The design is according to cGMP Pharma with thorough hygienic welding seams. But also it is not a problem for us to design and manufacture a much lower-grade air pressure vessel from regular steel.

Our receivers are designed to be reliable with minimal maintenance. In Inter Engineering 10 we do not offer simply manufacturing. We offer the complete solution - design, manufacturing, software, installation, proper documentation for validation, training, and after-sales service and maintenance. Also we offer long-term warranty(if exploited correctly) with options for up to 2, 3 or 5 years. For more information do not hesitate to contact our Trade Department.


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