Thermal Units

Temperature and sanitary requirements are the most important components in the production process when it comes the pharmaceutical companies. The temperature and humidity of the thermal units must be according to the tailored specific needs and requirements of every product who's in it. Also these two characteristics are crucial for required level of microbiological control. after achieving the needed temperature level it must be maintained under constant monitoring.

When we design thermal units our engineers pay attention to the specific needs of the product. In order to do that we need to keep in mind the following key factors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Required airflow volume
  • Air circulation
  • Air flow direction
  • Difference and variation in pressure
  • Contamination - number and size of particles in the air

Temperature and humidity can have a direct impact on the materials and products. Any mismatch with the required temperature creates a risk of microbe contamination. The airflow must be isolated from adjecent rooms. What makes this a complex operations is the fact that in some cases, especially in pharmaceutical companies, the adjecent rooms are often a different class of cleanness. The temperature is monitored by sensors within the units. They can be modified to match different products.

In our climate chambers the temperature rates vary. Often the degrees start from 16˚С and can go as high as the product and customer requires.

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