Orbital Welding of Pipes

Орбитално заваряване. Орбитални заварки. извършване на заваряване на тръбопровод. Хигиенни тръбни инсталации, тръби от неръждаема стомана. Перфектна заварка.Inter Engineering-10 LTD offers industrial installation of pipes and tubes with orbital welding.

Orbital welding is a specific welding technology, specified for stainless steel piping, tubes, knees and fittings. It is applicable to industries with high level of precision and/or strict hygienic requirements.

Orbital welding is suitable for hard-to-reach places, where manual manipulation is not possible or not appropriate. For bigger projects with alot of welds, this method is more cost-effective, due to the fact that one qualified welder can supervise a group of less experienced technicians with less demanding qualifications, who are charged with routine work.

This method of welding has several advantages over manual welding, including:

  • Better quality and precision of the welding seam - smooth and homogenous welds on both the inside and outside surface
  • Eliminates potential irregularities in the welds - caused by fatigue or humar error
  • Increases perforemance - more welds for less time
  • Facilitates inspecition afterwards
  • Guarantees a robust welding seam - this is key for pipes and tubes which carry aggressive fluids or cleaning agents

Orbital welding is applicable to the following industries:

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