Metal Fabrication

Inter Engineering-10 LTD specializes in mechanical metal fabrication. We strive towards achieving high-quality and we can be a cost-saving solution for your organization. We can produce different metal parts and welded structers according to our clients' plans and designs. We can also provide design from our engineering department. We take pride in our qualified workers, who look into every detail while carrying out their high-precision work. 

Our machine park consist of the following machines:

  • Universal Lathes - up to ф800mm, 3000mm lenght.
  • Universal mills - working table dimensions 1300x350mm
  • Plasma CNC cutting machine - 2000x1000mm - up to 16mm stainless steel
  • Waterjet CNC cutting machine - 3000x2000mm
  • Bending Press -  3000mm width  up to 6mm stainless steel
  • Guillotine cutting machine - 3000mm width  up to 8mm stainless steel
  • Rollers - 3000mm width, up to 8mm stainless stee, dmin=350mm
  • Drilling machines
  • Mechanical hacksaws
  • Welding apparatus

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Trade Department.

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