Pneumatic Disc Valve

Client is a Spanish company for processing of Dolomite Rock (mainly Calcium Carbonate CaCO3). Calcium Carbonate is one of the most used minerals worldwide in applications within the chemical, construction, food industry, etc. 

For its commercialization the Dolomite Rock must be ground into extremely fine particle sizes (<100µm). This makes it very dusty and potentially harmful to the lungs.


  • Discharge of 500 ton silo
  • Rotary valve DN350 below the silo was not completely tight and allowed product to leak

Customer required a clean working environment and be compliant with the occupational health and safety standard


  • MUCON Pneumatic Disc Valve
  • Full bore opening
  • Does not ‘jam’
  • Results in complete sealing of the silo outlet

Inter Engineering-10 is a Bulgarian representative for MUCON. Our patners have decades of experience in flow control of bulk products with a good amount of patented solutions. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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