BD12 - Mobile Tank

Mobile tank

The client is a Finish company - one of the leading companies in Europe in plastic coating industry, offering a vast range of products to graphic and home textile industry and also to rain / safety clothing manufacturers. A change of the existing manual slide valve is required on a mobile transportation bin(on the bottom) for PVD - plastic powder with different additives and coloring. 

The Problem:

The slidдe valve did not provide a good-enough seal. Product leaked from the mobile tank, causing regular jamming of the slide valve. This resulted in many additional working hours in maintenance and repairs. The client needed a smarter solution.

The Solution:

MUCON BD12 - a manually actuated iris valve
After the client saw the product at a MUCON exhibition, he contacted the company for more information - selecting an iris BD12 iris valve with a diaphragme from natural rubber. The change caused a dramatic decrease of maintenance and repairs. This solution solved the leakege and jamming problems, that the previous valve encountered. As a bonus to that, the client now has flow control. Currently, the client buys one or two spare diaphragms, annually.

Inter Engineering-10 is a Bulgarian representative for MUCON. Our patners have decades of experience in flow control of bulk products with a good amount of patented solutions. For more information, please contact our Trade Department.

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