Tray dryer for Romania. End client pleased with the flexibility of the solution.

Stainless steel tray dryer designed and manufactured according to hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical indudstry. The transparant doors provide a technological view of the production staff of the ongoing drying process in the dryer. The chamber is tailor made for a number of trays with sizes according to our client's strict requirements. All parts, coming into contact with the product are with hygienic design and mirror polished surface.

What makes this project special, is that the dryer had to be transported to a remote room within the client's production facility through vary narrow corridors. All the existing obstacles established a requirement to design and produce a modular drying chamber, which was assembled in the drying room. The operation of the chamber is with SIEMENS components, HMI touchscreen with option for control of working temperature and duration of the drying cycle. These parameters are stored into recipes(programs with pre-set dimensions). All the key parameters and properties of the machine can be view on the display, including the % humidity at the air outlet. As a standard, all our dryers have data tracking included with logs for up to 6 months, able to be stored onto a flash drive and transmitted to a PC.

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