The Company

Inter Engineering 10 LTD was found in 2010 in Razgrad as an engineering link to INOKS LTD – a company with over 20 years of experience in steel product manufacturing. The company offers a wide variety of engineering services in the field of design, project management, development, construction, manufacturing and installation, as well as maintenance and repair of custom made machines and equipment according to the needs of our clients.

Our team of qualified and experience engineers, specialists and mechanics aims at providing realization of ambitious technological projects and First-Class solutions, according to the customers’ demands. Regardless of whether it is an innovatory production project or if it is a matter of upgrading or duplicating of machines and equipment, Inter Engineering 10 can be your reliable partner in every step of your project. We possess the necessary expertise, know-how and capabilities to offer custom-made machines, facilities and equipment, suitable to the needs of different industry sectors.  

Implementing the principles of system engineering, our goal is to offer faster, better and more efficient individual solutions. In our approach to the project, we take into consideration all the aspects and invest extra time in identifying the needs and requirements of our clients in the earliest possible stages of the realization. This approach makes taking logical, structured and systematical decisions easier. Also it eliminates chances of mistakes and saves time and money. After that we can safely proceed to the designing and manufacturing stages, when we take into consideration the main problems and goals of the project.

The long-term mission of Inter Engineering 10 is to become the #1 choice for as larger amount of customers as possible while providing products and services that can compete to the solutions offered by the world production leaders but at affordable prices. Second, while offering high-quality products we aim to make our clients become more competitive and increase their market share - a vast majority of which operate in the field of production. We believe that the field's future is in the constant renewing of the used technology and implementing modern and innovative machines, which are in compliance to the requirements for energy efficiency and protection of the environment.

Every step towards improving the competitive advantages of our clients is a step contributing to the sustainable development of the world.

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